Eugenia Yuan / 原麗淇 (Jenny)

Eugenia Yuan Daughter of martial arts legend Cheng Pei-Pei, Eugenia made her screen debut co-starring with her mother in the martial arts film Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger. Since then, she has achieved a unique status, become a award-winning actress in films in both the United States and Hong Kong. Eugenia had her first notable turn co-starring in Charlotte Sometimes, which garnered honors at the Independent Spirit Awards. She then returned to Hong Kong to co-star in Three where she was named "Best Newcomer" in the Hong Kong Film Awards, and was later nominated at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards for her starring role in The Eye 2. She also made memorable turns in the John Dahl's The Great Raid and the Oscar-winning Memoirs of a Geisha. Eugenia continues to shuttle back and forth between Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong to take studio, Chinese-language and American independent roles alike including the 2007 Gotham Awards-winning film Choking Man.

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